1. Use Squawk to share your Tweets outside of Twitter

Estimated time to completion: 2 minutes

This one is really easy and works really well. Take your best performing Tweet over the past few days and turn it into an engaging video using this Tweet to video tool from Squawk. If you you're not particularly active on Twitter, this is a great opportunity to share a Tweet from someone else in the same space and tag them in your post.

Squawk makes video of the Tweet that makes it look like it's being typed out. It plays into social media algorithms which favor videos and draws much more engagement compared to screenshots.

Pro tip: I recommend dark mode, it makes your content stand out.

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Squawk Tweet to Video
Create a Tweet video in one click with Squawk.dev

2. Style A Short & Punchy Quote

Estimated time to completion: 4 minutes

This one is easy and effective. Choose a relevant quote, apply some quick styling and maybe a personal touch, and post it. To keep things fresh, I categorize my quote posts into three categories and try to rotate between them:

  • Inspirational content
  • Informational content
  • Entertaining content

I try not to bombard people with just one of these three types. Inspirational content starts to sound artificial, informational content gets boring, and entertaining content lacks depth.

If you’re not feeling creative, check out reddit.com/r/motivation for quotes.

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3. Engage Your Followers with a Poll

Estimated time to completion: 3 minutes

Polls are great. They get your followers to actively think about your post, plus, if you’re smart about it, you can get valuable customer input at the same time.

I’ve had the most success with polls on Instagram Stories, but Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter also have polling features if your question is better suited for those platforms.

Ask your followers a to pick a side on a topic that you debated recently, or give them a chance to make feature requests and post these requests on your story with a poll asking for opinions.

Post to: Instagram Stories, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

4. Post the Same Content, But With Different Copy

Estimated time to completion: 8 minutes

You may be interacting with the same people on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but make sure you’re tuning your copy to match the platform. The subtle differences in how people consume content on each platform means that you have to take a different approach for each one. As a mindset guide for each:

LinkedIn: People on LinkedIn are in a business mindset. Focus your copy on some return on investment for the reader and try to capitalize on an increased willingness to spend money in this context.

Facebook: While Facebook has turned into a bit of a meme factory, it’s still a place where people are interacting with family and friends. Try to build a sense of community. It’s a great place to offer insider discounts.

Instagram: Instagram is your opportunity to give people a behind the scenes look at your life and to bring your brand to life.

Note that, contrary to some beliefs, long form content works very well on every one of these platforms. People appreciate the authenticity and depth of longer format content.

5. An Audio Clip to Change Things Up

Estimated time to completion: 6 minutes

Take a successful post of yours, maybe recent or maybe from months ago, and repurpose it into an “audiogram.” Using a voice recorder app on your phone, or Quicktime/Audacity if you’re on your laptop, record a short 30–60 second clip going more in depth about a topic or post. Then use Wavve’s audio-to-video product to create a professional video for sharing on social. These videos receive 40–60% more engagement compared with audio put over static images.

Below is a sample of what this looks like with a podcast clip. While this strategy is common amongst podcasters, it’s a very underutilized tool outside of the podcasting world.

Post to: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

6. Create a Sneak Preview of Blog Posts

Estimated time to completion: 4 minutes

Take a blog that’s performed well, and turn it into an Instagram story. Download a screen recorder app, and scroll through your blog post on your phone. Then just post this video with a simple “Swipe Up” call to action on Instagram.

This technique works so well because you just need one part of your scroll through to catch someone's eye. If you manage to peak their interest, they're very likely to swipe up and actually read what you've written with interest and purpose.

Closing Remarks

Consistently putting out content is hard. Really hard. That's why there are so few people actually publishing quality content day in and day out. And that's why if you manage to do it, it will start to pay off and you will see consistent growth.