Floom Roadmap

3 Year Plan

Step 1. MVP

Delivering a core product focusing on a narrowed-down list of product niches: data visualization & SaaS analytics.

Q1 2019

Step 2. Third-Party Architects

Expand the market reach of Floom as we begin to offer new products and allow for third party architects to sell on our platform.

Q3 2019

Step 3. "Log In With Floom"

Allow SaaS companies to use Floom's third-party integration to do the heavy-lifting of payment processing for on-demand and subscription services. Payments and customer management all can be done through Floom.


Step 4. Build It & They Will Come.

Floom continues to introduce features to make monetizing and marketing software services a dream for developers. As the market grows, excellent services will organically gain popularity.

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